Structural Properties and Problems of Canteens in Public Schools and in Küçükçekmece County in Istanbul

Faruk Adıgüzel, Nuray Kızılaslan


The aim of this study was determined general characteristics and problems of school canteens in İstanbul- Küçükçekmece. The data were obtained from 58 canteen owners via questionnaire in period of May-June 2017. In method, it was used to frequency, percent distributions and averages and the results were interpreted. The results showed that %65.52 of canteen owners were male, their average ages were 44.28 years and they were graduated from secondary and high school (29.31%) mostly. It was mostly worked to ensure family subsistence (84.48%). It was determined the majority of canteens (93.10%) have employee and on average number of temporary and permanent employee were 1.64 and 1.66, respectively. Canteens were mostly within school (63.79%) and on ground floor (56.76%). The products selling in canteens were supplied form wholesalers (100.00%), weekly (75.86%) and in advance (55.17%). The most important activity problems were unfair competition consisting of food enterprises around the schools (79.31%), excessive rent (70.69%) and long vacation period (50.00%). The assured and acquired of habits of healthy nutrition requirement in schools may be contributed with taking account of the current structure of canteens and the problems of canteen owners.


School canteens; General characteristics and problems; Küçükçekmece; Healthy nutrition; İstanbul

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