Research on Nutrition and Dietetic Undergraduates in Terms of Their Information Level and Views About Genetically Modified Organisms

Seydi Yıkmış, Başak Gökçe Çöl


This study aims to investigate the views and awareness level of nutrition and dietetics undergraduates about genetically modified organisms (GMO). A total of 228 university students participated in the research (130 female, 98 male students). During data collection, 8 open-ended questions and attitude scale questionnaire (30 questions) were applied in order to determine the demographic features and GMO knowledge of students. Students’ replies to questions; “Do you think GMO technology is beneficial or harmful? If it's beneficial, why? If it is harmful, why?” 76.8% stated that they found it harmful. To the question, “if it is harmful why?” students replied, “they cause cancer”. There is a statistical difference between the answers of first and third-year students. To the question, “have you heard about the precautions that were taken by the ministry? If yes, do you think they are sufficient?” 76.80% students stated that they were not aware of the precautions that were taken by the ministry. 53 participants replied to this question as “I have an idea about this.” But to the question “Is it sufficient?” they stated that they are not sure about it. There is a statistical difference between graduates of Vocational High School and Anatolian High School. In this assessment, it was seen that the basic knowledge of students about GMO is enough, but they experience confusion. Most of the students believe that GMO technology is harmful and has some conceptual errors. Positive and negative sides of GMO technology should be expressed clearly. It was concluded that course curriculums should include topics that will increase knowledge and awareness related to GMOs. Additionally, courses can be given selectively in the field of biotechnology so that confusion about GMO’s can be eliminated.


Genetically Modified Organism; Nutrition and Dietetics; Biotechnology; Food; Food chain

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