Contribution to the Lepidoptera Fauna of Hatay (Turkey)

Erol Atay, Mahmut Tatlı


Field studies were carried out in the localities of different altitudes and vegetation covers in the Hatay province in March-October 2018. Papilio demoleus was caught with insect net in the citrus orchards at Antakya and Reyhanlı. Cornifrons ulceratalis, Macaria alternata and Camptogramma bilineatum were caught mercury vapour light trap and white screen in different localities, at different elevations, in different climatic conditions, plant cover and sutface features in Erzin. Papilio demoleus was caught in the citrus gardens in the province of Hatay Reyhanlı district as a male and a female on 05.09.2018 and in Antakya district on 15.10.2018 as two male and three female individuals. This invasive species is widespread all over the world and has the potential to create substantial threat for citrus orchards in the Mediterranean region and in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey in next years. As a result, Papilio demoleus (Papilionidae), Cornifrons ulceratalis (Crambidae), Macaria alternata and Camptogramma bilineatum (Geometridae) are new records for the lepidoptera fauna of Hatay.


Papilio demoleus; Cornifrons ulceratalis; Macaria alternata; Camptogramma bilineatum; Hatay; Citrus

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