Economic Performance of Rainbow Trout Farming in Turkey

Mehmet Aydoğan, Osman Uysal, Serhan Candemir, Yunus Emre Terzi, Rahmi Taşçı, Tuba Beşen, Fatma Pınar Öztürk, Meltem Emre, Önder Eralp, Orhan Gündüz, Vedat Ceyhan


The purpose of this research is to measure the economic performance and development of rainbow trout farming in inland waters in Turkey. As a result of the research, it was determined that the farms use an average of 82% of their capacities. There was a negative relationship between the farm-scale and CUR, and as the farm scale grows, the CUR decreases. The average feed conversion rate (FCR) of the enterprises was calculated as 1.12. Fish capital (36.8%) had the largest share in active capital, and equity capital (87.2%) had the largest share in passive capital. Net profits of farms falling to one-tonne production capacity; it was calculated as 2.374 TRY in small-scale farms, 1.322 TRY in medium-scale farms and 1.896 TRY in large-scale farms. The proportional profit of farms was 1.08, 0.99, and 1.17, respectively. The average current ratio value of the examined farms was calculated as 3.67 and liquidity ratios as 3.55. As the farm's scale grows, current ratio values also increase, and large-scale farms had more cash assets than small and medium-scale farms. As a result of the research; It can be said that the trout-breeding farms in Turkey have current assets that can pay their short term debts. The average borrowing rate of farms was 0.16. In other words, 16% of the financial assets of the trout farms in Turkey were met from debts. The turnover rate of the assets of the farms was 0.79 and is below the sector average. The average rate of economic profitability of farms was calculated as 0.13. In other words, the income that farms generate from aquaculture is more than the opportunity cost.


Rainbow trout; Aquaculture; Economic analysis; Profitability; Financial ratios

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