Analysis of Factors Affecting the Value of Agricultural Lands: The Case of Evren District of Ankara Province

Zeki Bayramoğlu, Şenol Özdemir


In this study, it is aimed to determine the factors affecting the value of agricultural lands and effect rates of these factors on the value. In this context, a questionnaire was conducted with 104 enterprises, which were determined by purposeful sampling method in Evren district of Ankara province, and their opinions about the factors affecting the value of agricultural lands were obtained. The survey data were analyzed using the Analytical Hierarchy Process. As a result of the research, factor weights were determined as follows: land productivity 19.63%, land width 9.60%, land form 4.47%, land slope 3.63%, distance to the road 2.57%, distance to the settlement 2.84%, irrigation possibilities of the land 30.38%, mobile sales of the land 3.31%, the land has been cadastral 2.70%, that the land has a facade to the road 2.80% and the soil structure was 18.06%. From the survey results, it was concluded that the factors related to the production capabilities of the agricultural lands are more effective on the value.


Farmland Valuations; Analytical Hierarchy Process; Factor Analysis; Valuation; Severity Scale

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