Effects of Soil Properties on Yield and Quality of Roasted Pumpkin

Ayfer Davutoğlu, Gafur Gözükara, Nurdilek Gulmezoglu


In this research, the effects of the soil properties of the producer lands that have just started the production of roasted pumpkin seeds on the properties of the harvested seeds were investigated in the provinces and districts of Kütahya. For this purpose, soil samples (44 pieces) were taken from the fields of farmers who obtained pumpkin seeds from Kütahya Food and Forest Provincial Directorate. Soil analyzes were performed and according to the results, 100 kg of nitrogen (N), 300 kg of phosphorus (P2O5), 110 kg of potassium (K2O) per hectare, and the amount of fertilizers in which insufficient amount of microelements were determined. With this study, the yield, morphological characteristics, nutrient contents and oil contents of the harvested pumpkin seeds were determined. The soils of research area were mostly clayey loamy, calcareous, medium in organic matter content, sufficient in N content, insufficient in P content. The microelement contents of the soils were sufficient for Fe, Cu, and B but Mn and Zn were very few. The protein content of the pumpkin seeds varied from 22.6 to 45.8% and the oil content from 41.48 to 54.13%. It has been determined that the 100 seed weights of the roasted pumpkin seeds produced by some growers fall into the coarse quality class. Research data concluded that soil properties and climatic conditions, which are the growth medium, have a direct effect on the protein and fat content of pumpkin seeds.


Cucurbita pepo L.; Cookie zucchini; Nutrient’s elements; Kütahya; Soil properties

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