The Estimation of Heritability of Weekly Body Weights in Japanese Quails with MINQUE(Minimum Quadratic Unbiased Estimation) Method

Gökhan Tamer Kayaalp, Mikail Baylan, Sibel Canoğulları


In this study the heritability of body weights of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix Japanica) were estimated by using MINQUE (Minimum Quadratic Unbiased Estimation) methods. Firstly the variance components were estimated by using MINQUE method which were later estimated the heritability for weekly body weights. The estimation of heritability of body weights are following: for third week : 0.302±0.018; for fourth week: 0.70±0.15; for fifth week : 0.30±0.067


Body weight; Heritability; Minimum Quadratic Unbiased Estimation Method

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